How To Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Old Chandelier Without Spending Too Much

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Published: 10th January 2011
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In this volatile economy, more and more people are looking for creative ways to limit their splurges. Whether it is finding freebies or buying things from bargain shops, many of us are undoubtedly looking for ways to scrimp and save. If you're bothered by the outdated looks of your dining and living rooms' antique chandeliers, you actually don't have to live with it, and you don't even need to shop for new ones. You only need to unleash the creative artist in you and expend a few dollars for materials that would put your creative home improvement project into action.

One of the easiest and reversible ways to make your antique crystal chandeliers to appear more contemporary and lightweight is to remove some of its crystals. For tiered crystal light fixtures, you could try removing some of their tiers to achieve a contemporary style that is light weight to look at. If you own chandeliers with teardrop crystals, make them livelier and fun to look at by removing every other teardrop and then replace them with colored crystals. You could also try replacing their bulbs with colored units, but try to make sure that your chosen color would complement the existing interior decor of your rooms.

Painting the metal or wood frames of your antique crystal chandeliers with light or earthly tones is another creative means to give them a modern twist. However, if your chandelier units are made from fine crystals, you should think twice before painting them because the paint would be very difficult to remove once you've already applied it to your light fixtures. To start with your chandelier painting job, clean your light fixtures with a diluted vinegar solution to remove the dust and other particles that have built-up on your crystals and then set them aside to dry. When your fixtures are dry, you could proceed painting them with water based spray paint in several layers, and allow every layer to dry first before applying a new coat. Once you've accomplished this process, allow your light units to dry before suspending them on the ceilings of your dining area and anteroom.

Another update you could give to your suspended crystal light fixtures to make them look like modern chandeliers is to add accessories. You could wrap strings of shell beads on the arms of your chandeliers, and this is ideal for a beach-themed anteroom. For country-themed bedrooms, you could try draping floral garlands over the arms of your chandeliers to capture the whole lively and pleasant concept of the country.

Recreating the look of your old light fixtures into the likeness of modern chandeliers can also be achieved by covering every bulb with shades of your chosen design in order to add a tinge of color and would further enhance their aesthetics. Through this option, you could simply customize the finish of your chandelier shades in accordance to your preference so as to make sure that they would suit the current look of the rooms where the chandeliers would be installed. To carry out this decorative project, try selecting the best shape of shades that you think would suit your bulbs together with the type of fabric or plastic sheet design that would become the cover of such shades. Purchase chandelier shade frames appropriate for the size of your bulbs and then cover them with fabric or plastic sheeting you have selected. You could even add ornaments like beads, crystal, or stitches on your light fixtures' to make them more visually appealing.

As you may have noticed, you actually don't need to spend lavishly just to change the look of your crystal chandeliers. What you need is creativity and a well-planned design in order to bring your beautiful decorative ideas into fruition. With this creative option at hand, you don't have to live with the outdated and boring look of your chandeliers anymore.

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